Woman stopped at Austrian airport with bag containing her husband’s entrails

Customs officials at an Austrian airport have stopped a female traveller carrying two containers of entrails into the country, believed to belong to her late husband. 

The packages belonged to a Moroccan national who suspected her husband had been poisoned. 

He died during an operation in Morocco, according to the Kleine Zeitung newspaper.

The woman was travelling through Graz airport in the south of Austria but was reportedly stopped by officials after they observed her behaving suspiciously. 

When speaking with the officials, the woman said she wanted to have tests carried out on the remains in order to investigate her suspicions around her husband’s death. 

However, a doctor summoned to the scene said a proper investigation could not be carried out without the full cadaver.

Austria’s finance ministry, which is responsible for all customs issues, confirmed the unusual find. 

However, police said they were not investigating as no laws had been broken. 

The entrails have now been stored and are awaiting further examination by scientists. 

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